July 15, 2022
Multizone AC in American Fork, UT

Multizone HVAC systems have been around for a while. These systems can offer you many benefits. For instance, a multi-zone HVAC system lets you enjoy individualized comfort. Think of a situation where you have children who dislike cold temperatures, but you enjoy sleeping in a cold room. With a multi-zone HVAC system, you can heat their room without heating the whole house. Other benefits of multizone HVAC systems include:

  • Extended lifespan
  • Quieter cooling
  • Customization options
  • Convenience

A multi-zone HVAC system can also help you lower your energy costs. That will only be possible if you know how to control it and how the system works. Below are more details on how it works.

How Do Multi-zone HVAC Systems Work?

Just as the name suggests, multi-zone HVAC systems are HVAC systems that can allow you to create different zones in your home. With such systems, you can heat a certain area in your home and cool another simultaneously. That can be quite important if you have a big family with lots of differing opinions on what the temperature of the home should be. It will also be important if your house has many rooms and some of the rooms are not frequently used. It will allow you to only send heated or cooled air to the frequently used rooms. However, it can still save you money even if you have a small home.

A multi-zone HVAC system usually comes with several indoor units, which are put in different rooms. You can control each of these units independently. Therefore, when installed in different rooms, they will allow you to control the temperature of each room independently. How you control the HVAC system will depend on the type of multizone HVAC system installed in your home. Below are the two types of multizone HVAC systems available.

1. Ductless Multizone HVAC Systems or Mini-Split

A ductless multi-zone HVAC system is the perfect choice if you already have a central HVAC system in your home. With such a system, you will not have to do a complete overhaul of your existing system. This system is also a perfect option if you want to add extra heating or cooling to some zones in your home.

Ductless HVAC systems are usually a combination of outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit pulls cold or warm air, then heats or cools it. It later directs it to the indoor units. When you install several of these units in your home, you can create a multi-zone HVAC system. The system’s indoor units usually have built-in thermostats that control the system. You can also control the unit using remote controls.

2. Central Multizone HVAC Systems

A central multi-zone HVAC system is simply an HVAC system with several thermostats. That makes it possible for each of these thermostats to be set to different temperatures, allowing you to heat and cool different rooms simultaneously.

Central HVAC systems usually have motorized dampers that HVAC technicians place inside air outlets or the ducts. Several of these dampers are connected to create a zone in your home. Each of the created zones has a thermostat that helps control the temperature of that zone.

The system’s dampers and thermostats are usually connected to a control panel. Since this control panel is connected to the central HVAC unit, your HVAC unit can respond to the thermostat’s requests. For instance, think of a situation whereby the thermostat placed in a particular room in your home calls for heating. The dampers in that area will open, allowing warm air to flow into the room. After the intended indoor temperature is reached, the dampers will close automatically. While this happens, the dampers placed in the other zones will remain closed. The same thing will happen when a particular area calls for air conditioning.

Multi-Zone HVAC systems offer a lot of benefits. Therefore, you need to request HVAC technicians from Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing to retrofit your existing central HVAC system. We will add a few components to your existing HVAC system, turning it into a multi-zone system.

Who Are We?

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