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This is our first time calling Gunther’s and we will definitely call them again! It is a Sunday and a few of our kids are sick and our heater stopped working. We needed someone to come today. Nate Fox came within about 15-20 minutes, was very friendly, pulled a hornets nest out of the intake, cleaned the dirty parts that were causing the issue and charged us a very reasonable price. He talked me through what he was doing the whole time and gave us some really good advice on how to avoid the problem in the future. Very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you Nate and Gunther’s!

Matt T. Google Icon

Tyson with Gunther's is amazing! Super friendly, punctual, and reliable. Thanks for getting us taken care of so quickly Tyson!

Jamie D. Google Icon

We’ve only had great experiences with Gunther Heating and Air. They come in time and are always polite. We’ve had Michael a couple of times now and we really like him. So five stars!!

Joanna S. Google Icon

Very happy with the services! Other companies came out, tried to up-sell me to an entire new AC system and never even did a repair. Gunthers did the repair quickly and affordably. Their technicians told me they don't work on commission . That tells me they can actually be trusted to give an unbiased answer!

Joe N. Google Icon

Nathan Fox is awesome. He came to fix our furnace and could tell what needed to be looked at. He was able to fix it and get it working in about ten minutes. Nathan was also able to show me how to remove my fireplace glass so I can clean it. I have been trying to figure that out for months. He is great and we appreciate all that he did.

Peggy C. Google Icon

Came in looking for a capacitor. I had the old one in my hand. Jaime was fantastic and walked me through what my options were. Told me the capacitor wasn't the issue and didn't sell me something I didn't need. Such a good guy. Went home and did the things he recommended and even called him with another question. He was fantastic and my A/C is blowing cold air again!!

Rob R. Facebook Icon

Great service! Explained clearly the repairs that were made and why he made them. Quick and courteous. Thanks, Gunthers!

Dan S. Facebook Icon

My air conditioner stopped working last night (during a week of 100 degrees, of course). I have a Gunther's service plan, so I called them first thing in the morning and had my air conditioner fixed before lunch. The service was fast, accurate, and efficient. The technician was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Brooke T.

Professional, fast, polite, and didn't try to oversell. Thanks for taking care of our furnace repair.

Tiffany L. Facebook Icon

Gunther's is awesome! With the dropping temps we noticed our heater was not working right. Michael was our serviceman. He was super professional & answered all our questions. He looked at our unit and he was able to quickly diagnose the problem, fix the problem and gave us tips on how to upkeep our unit. It was a great experience and we will for sure keep Gunther's in mind for further help in the future. Thank you Michael & Gunthers for bringing heat back into our home!

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