July 18, 2023

A standard HVAC system tries to heat or cool your entire home while it’s running. This poses some challenges because not all of your home needs heating or cooling during every cycle. The solution is turning to a zoned system. This segments your home into areas called zones. While they can run off the same HVAC system, only those areas of your home that need heating or cooling during that cycle receive the conditioned air. Consider these five reasons why a zoned HVAC system is a strong option for your home.

1. Even Heating and Cooling Throughout Your Home

One of the biggest challenges to regulating your home’s temperature is to keep it consistent from one room to another. A zoned system has separate temperature sensors for each zone. This control directs conditioned air to the areas of the house that aren’t at the proper temperature without wasting energy pushing it to areas that don’t need it. You’ll end up with better-controlled temperatures throughout your house regardless of the appliances or how much radiant heating the area receives.

2. More Customized Heating and Cooling

Finding a temperature where everyone in your home is comfortable is incredibly difficult, especially when you try to consider setting the temperature for efficiency. One person may constantly be cold while someone else is always warm. You may want the kitchen a little cooler, but in the living room or bedrooms, you may want a couple of degrees warmer. When you utilize a thermostat to control each zone, you can have varying temperatures throughout your home to meet the needs of your family or the needs of how and when you use the spaces.

3. Reduced Energy Consumption

When you have air flowing throughout the entire house as part of a standard central system, the conditioned air has to move a lot to evenly heat or cool the space. As the system runs, it will have longer heating and cooling cycles. By reducing each cycle length, you reduce the energy it consumes, resulting in lower utility bills.

4. Longer HVAC Service Life

The average central air conditioner will serve your home for 18 to 25 years, and a forced-air gas furnace for 15 to 20 years. Both of these averages assume the units receive proper maintenance. However, where in this range your system will fall is dependent, in part, on how much strain it experiences while running. By reducing the area served and the length of the cycle, you reduce the strain it experiences.

5. Easy to Operate

An automated zoned system is easy to run because the system controls open and close dampers to regulate airflow. With a smart thermostat, you gain even more control. You’ll gain the ability to control each thermostat directly from a smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to adjust both the temperature and your programs without having to go physically to the thermostat. This includes being able to adjust it remotely if you happen to be away from the house.

Zoned System Options

There are two primary options available to create a zoned system. If you already have a central air system with ducts, you may want to explore a central-zoned system. This continues to use a single air handler and a shared AC and heating unit. The difference is in the dampers located in the ducts that open and close automatically to direct air where it needs to go. These dampers are controlled by the temperature sensors or thermostats in each zone.

The other option is a ductless mini-split system, which is a variation on the heat pump. With this system, each zone has its own air handler, which is commonly mounted on an outside wall to allow the refrigerant lines to easily run to the compressor. When the zone needs heating or cooling, the air handler turns on along with the compressor.

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