Indoor Air Quality in American Fork, UT

    Trusted American Fork Air Purifier Services

    Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing understands the importance of having exceptional indoor air quality in your American Fork, UT, home. When outdoor air quality is poor throughout the Wasatch Front, having a proper air purification system in your house can provide many benefits. Our company has been serving the area since 1910, and we take pride in everything we do. Our IAQ services are a great value for our American Fork customers. We’re proud to offer generations of family-owned services.

    Our indoor air quality services include:
    • Humidifiers
    • Filtration systems
    • Air sealing
    • UV sights
    • Air balancing
    • And more!

    We’ll answer any of your questions about air purifiers and help you to choose the right one for your American Fork residence. The best interests of our customers are always respected.

    Benefits of Air Purifiers

    Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is committed to working with products in American Fork that we can rely on. A proper air purifier should capture particles, contaminants, and vapors that can circulate around your home. The Lennox PureAir air purifier will remove 99.9% of all particles from the air in your house and also get rid of 90% of viruses. We believe people should have peace of mind about the air that they’re breathing in their homes. We’ll make sure that everything gets installed properly so that a unit can run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    IAQ Services in American Fork, UT

    Indoor air quality services are also offered in:

    Indoor air quality can get worse during the winter months in American Fork. We’ll make sure that your new system can handle the load. We’ll use the proper parts for an installation project. Our technicians will make sure you understand how to operate your IAQ system before they leave your home.

    Professional Indoor Air Quality Services in American Fork, UT

    Exceptional American Fork IAQ Services

    Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is prepared to offer both residential and commercial IAQ services throughout American Fork. We understand the importance of good indoor air quality, and we’ll make sure your purifier has the capacity to keep each room in your house safe. Our technicians receive ongoing training to ensure they have the skills and experience to resolve any issue they come across. We’re committed to providing a great customer experience at all times.

    At Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we’re also able to offer comprehensive heating, cooling, and plumbing services throughout American Fork. Give our office a call today to learn more.
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