March 12, 2024
Where Can I Install a Mini Split?

Ductless mini-splits are a fantastic option if you’re looking to supplement your existing air conditioning. They’re also the best option for adding air conditioning to a home that doesn’t have a central HVAC system. There are two different types of mini splits. One is cooling only the other is a heat pump. This article discusses the heat pump style of mini split.

If you’re considering a mini-split system for your home or business, here is an overview of how they work and what your options for installing one are.

Understanding the Parts of a Ductless Mini-Split System

To understand where you can and can’t install a ductless mini-split system, you first need to know about the specific parts of this type of system and how everything works. A mini-split system has two primary components: an AC condenser or heat pump that sits outside and an air handler that is mounted inside. Some mini-splits are single-zone systems with one air handler, and there are also multi-zone mini-split systems that can come with anything from two to eight air handlers.

During cooling mode the purpose of the outdoor unit of the system is to supply cold refrigerant to the indoor air handler and also to release the heat from the inside of the home or building. A mini-split heat pump system during heating mode captures heat from outside and transfers it inside to allow the system to heat.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation Options

The outdoor part of a mini-split system can generally be installed anywhere outside the house. The unit is usually mounted on a concrete or composite pad, but you can also choose to hang it directly on the side of the house. You can even mount it on the roof. If you’re installing a single-zone system, you’ll always want to choose the most convenient location as close as possible to where the indoor unit will go.

If you’re installing a multi-zone system with several air handlers, your technician will consult with you to determine the best location for the unit. The main reason is that there are limitations in terms of the maximum distance between the outdoor unit and all of the indoor air handlers.

For most larger systems capable of cooling an entire home, this maximum distance is around 150 feet. Any further than this and the outdoor unit won’t be able to effectively pump the refrigerant through the system. This limitation is why you would often need to install two separate systems if you wanted to use mini-splits to cool and/or heat a larger home.

The air handler units can be mounted onto a wall, inside a ceiling, or directly on the floor. If you are primarily using the system for cooling, it will work much more effectively if the air handlers are high up on the wall or in the ceiling.

The choice of where to mount the air handlers makes a difference in terms of the installation. When possible, it’s best to install the air handlers directly on an exterior wall or in the ceiling just next to an exterior wall. Doing so makes the installation process much easier and quicker since all the technician needs to do is cut a hole in the wall. This is so they can run the refrigerant lines, electrical wires, and condensate drain lines.

It is sometimes possible to mount an air handler on an interior wall, but it will require much more work. In this case, the technician would need to cut out part of the walls or ceilings so they can run the refrigerant lines to the air handler. You also still need to have a way to route the condensate drain line outside. That is so that all of the water that forms inside the air handler when the system is cooling can drain away from the house.

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