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Children in need of indoor heating in ProvoEvery single winter in Provo has at least one really bad cold snap, and more often than not, it's pretty frigid throughout the whole season. Whatever the case may be, allow us to be your Provo heating contractor of choice. While many only see us as a furnace contractor, we actually service heat pumps, boilers, split systems, and more! In addition, we provide the best customer service and workmanship in Provo and surrounding areas!

Check out the heating services that we offer:

Keep a Healthy System With Our Heating Repair Service

When our heating systems are having a problem, you can usually tell: you might see high heating bills or just experience uncomfortable temperature no matter how high you turn the thermostat. No matter what’s wrong with your system, call Gunthers for the heating repair you can trust. No other heating contractor in Provo can match our ingenuity and quality of work.

Improve Your Comfort With Our Heating Replacement Service

Sometimes a simple heating repair can't provide the kind of indoor temps that you need. If the heating issue is too large, a new heating installation might be the best solution. If you need a heat pump or furnace replacement in the Provo area, Gunthers has you covered. We'll help you find the perfect new system for your home, plus we offer financing on approved credit!

Heating Maintenance Keeps Your System Working Great

Lennox furnaceDo you remember the last time that you had heating maintenance performed? If it’s been over a year, it’s best to give us a call right away. When your heat pump or furnace isn't maintained, it can lead to a system break down and an extreme use of energy.

Call us for maintenance if you suspect:
  • Unusually high heating bills
  • Indoor air feels stagnant and stuffy
  • You’re constantly having system issues
  • You notice a leak in your home
  • Indoor air feels very cool
Looking for a reliable furnace contractor in Provo to take a look at your furnace? From repair to, to maintenance, to a new installation or any type of cooling solution, or even plumbing repair, we’re here for you! Make an appointment with us today!

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