A heat pump installation is a great way to improve the comfort and efficiency you experience in your Provo, UT home. Unlike a central heating system, it both cools and heats your home. However, it does this by collecting heat from cold external air and transferring this heat indoors, and in a highly energy efficient fashion.

In the summer, the reverse occurs and the heat pump removes the too-warm air from your home and pumps it outdoors. In the simplest terms, rather than producing warm or cold air, a heat pump simply transfers heat through the use of refrigerant. This keeps your home and family comfortable throughout the year. Enjoy the energy savings of owning the most energy-efficient HVAC system available on the market today.

Should You Opt for a New Heat Pump Installation?

If you use window unit air conditioners or have a central HVAC system, you may be considering switching over to an energy-saving heat pump instead. The long-term cost of operating a heat pump instead of a central HVAC system or a window air conditioner in the summer is much less expensive. Ductless heat pump systems can also allow you to have “zoned” heating and cooling, meaning that you can control the temperature individually in separate rooms or areas of your home.