November 7, 2022
Furnace Care in American Fork, UT

Few things can be as frustrating as waking up in the middle of a cold American Fork night and realizing that your furnace is not working. If your furnace is down for the count, the best way to get things going again is to talk to a professional furnace technician. However, it is good for you to be aware of some of the common problems your furnace system might face and the steps you can take to avoid them.

Your Furnace Is Not Producing Heat

It might sound simple, but you should first check that your thermostat is on and set to heat at least 5 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature. You would be surprised to know the number of service calls we receive at Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing because our valued customers failed to make this check.

You can avoid some thermostat problems by keeping the battery on your thermostat charged. If your battery-operated thermostat needs batteries replaced, you will see a low battery symbol.

Another issue could be with your home’s circuit breaker. If, after ensuring that the thermostat is set to heat and adjusting the dial-up a few degrees, there are no results, the circuit breaker may have tripped or the fuse could have blown.

Go to the breaker panel and find the circuit controlling the furnace. If it is off or somewhere in the middle, flip the breaker back to “on.”

If this does not do the trick, or if the circuit breaker flips back off, there is an issue with the electrical wiring, circuit breaker, or furnace unit. Our experienced technicians at Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing stand ready to help you identify issues with your thermostat or your furnace’s electrical system to assist you in keeping your home feeling comfortable.

A third reason your furnace might not be producing heat is that the safety switch on the furnace door has been triggered. The safety switch prevents the burner and fan from activating if the access panel is removed.

The door must be in place for the switch to be deactivated. If your door is in place, and your safety switch is still triggered, you may need to have it repaired or replaced by furnace professionals.

Your Furnace Is Producing Heat, But Not Enough

Your furnace may not have stopped working, but it might struggle to produce enough heat to keep your home warm. The number one reason for this is an air filter that is clogged or not in good condition.

The solution is to have your filter checked, cleaned, or replaced. Replacing your furnace filter regularly is a relatively simple task; however, it is an essential part of furnace maintenance. When the technicians at Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing do biannual maintenance on your HVAC equipment, cleaning or replacing the filter is at the top of our list of chores. Talk to our technicians to find out how frequently you should be replacing your filter in between scheduled professional maintenance visits.

When your air filter is clogged, your air handler has to work twice as hard to compensate for the blockage in airflow. This will drive up your utility bill, minimize the airflow through your furnace system because your heat exchanger overheats, and make your system shut down prematurely.

Newer furnace systems are sensitive to clogged filters and will automatically shut down before the filter damages the unit. Older units will continue to run with reduced heating output and efficiency.

A second reason your furnace system may produce a reduced heat output is that the area around the unit is cluttered with miscellaneous possessions or debris.

Crowding your furnace can lead to reduced functioning and unexpected fires. Therefore, it is a good habit to regularly clean and vacuum around the furnace unit. Remove flammable items from the area. Lint and dust can build up, causing your filters to become clogged sooner than usual and minimizing heat output.

A third issue that can impact a furnace’s heat production is contamination. You should ensure that your furnace burners are free of debris. The easiest way to do this is to look at the flames. They should be blue and even. If you see yellow flames, you likely have dirty burners and will need to have them cleaned by furnace technicians during your furnace maintenance.

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