September 7, 2023
How To Detect a Plumbing Leak in Your Home

A leak in your home’s interior can be a serious issue since it can lead to extensive water damage. Alternatively, leaks in the main water line leading to your home or the sewer line leading away from your house can threaten your home’s structural integrity. They can cause part of the foundation to start sinking or the foundation walls to crack or buckle.

Any time you have a leak in your home, there is also a major risk of mold beginning to grow or spread. All these issues make it essential that you know how to spot the signs of a leak so that you can immediately contact a plumber, who can then pinpoint where the problem is and repair your plumbing before the leak leads to severe damage.

Signs Your Home Has a Plumbing Leak

Some plumbing leaks result in signs that you can easily detect. A leak in one of the water lines behind a wall often results in water spots on the drywall or yellow or brown staining. Mold growth on your walls or ceilings or a strong moldy smell is also a good indication of a leak nearby. In addition, if you notice a drop in water pressure, it is a clear sign of a significant problem.

Unfortunately, many leaks are more difficult to spot and may not show themselves for quite some time. Slab leaks can be tough to spot as these occur underneath the house’s foundation and may remain undetected for weeks or months. In some cases, you may hear the sound of running water underneath your basement floor. The most obvious sign of a slab leak or other hard-to-detect problem is if your water bill is suddenly much higher than usual.

If you suspect a leak in your home, you can use your water meter to confirm your fears. Most meters have a leak detection dial. The dial is usually a triangle or snowflake shape and may be red or black. To check for a leak, you’ll first want to make sure all of your plumbing fixtures are shut off. If the dial is still spinning when no water is running, it’s time to contact a plumber, as this is a sure sign of a reasonably substantial leak somewhere on your property.

You can also use your water meter to detect leaks that are too slow to make the leak detection dial spin. In this case, you will again want to ensure all plumbing fixtures are closed and then check the numbers on the meter reading. You’ll then want to wait a few hours before rechecking the meter reading. As long as you didn’t use water during this time, the meter reading should be the same as when you first checked it. If the numbers on the meter have gone up, it indicates that there is a slow leak.

How Professional Leak Detection Works

Even if you notice obvious signs of a leak, you often cannot pinpoint its location without the help of a professional plumber. At Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we have several options that can help us determine if your plumbing system is leaking and find the problem’s exact location. If we suspect one of your drain lines or your main sewer line is leaking, we can use a camera to inspect the pipes for cracks and other damage.

We also have highly sensitive microphones and listening equipment that we can use to detect the sound of running water or drips underneath your home’s foundation or inside walls or ceilings. Alternatively, our plumbers can use thermal imaging cameras to look through your walls, ceilings, and basement floor. If we see any hot or cold spots on the camera, it’s a sure bet that one of your hot or cold water lines is leaking.

Contact the Professionals

When you contact us, we will examine your entire plumbing system so that we can assess whether there is a leak. If we detect a leak inside or outside your house, we’ll then take the necessary steps to discover the full extent of the problem and what must be done to repair your plumbing. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll provide you with an estimate before we start the repairs.

At Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we have served the American Fork, UT community since 1910. We install, maintain and repair heating and cooling systems. In addition, we are expert plumbers. Contact us today if you suspect you have a leak or any other HVAC or plumbing issues.

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