August 8, 2022
Water Pressure in American Fork, UT

Low water pressure is unsatisfying and a major cause of discomfort in a home. Normally, the water pressure should be approximately 40 psi to 60 psi, with the ideal water force being about 50 psi. If the water pressure is below 40 psi, your washing machine takes longer to fill, water dribbles from faucets, the dishwasher doesn’t clean dishes, and shower heads become weak.

Several issues can lead to low water pressure, but fortunately, this problem can be corrected with the help of a professional plumber. Here are tips that can help to improve your home’s water pressure.

1. Adjust the Pressure Reducing Valve

Adjusting the pressure reducing valve is a great solution if your entire house has low water pressure. This valve is installed in most homes to regulate water pressure coming into the house. The PRV is close to the water meter on the main supply pipe.

If the pressure reducing valve reading is low, it can prevent enough water from reaching your home. A plumber can adjust the regulator to improve the water pressure. This requires small adjustments as you test the force of water to see if there are any improvements. When you work with our plumbers at Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, they’ll ensure the increased pressure levels don’t strain your system, leading to wear and tear. In most cases, we can tighten the valve’s lockout nut once the water pressure gauge reaches 50 psi.

2. Install a Pressure Booster

Sometimes your entire neighborhood, town, or city suffers from low water pressure. This means the city is most likely delivering water at less than the ideal force. In this case, hire our plumbing team to increase the water pressure in your home by installing a water pressure booster. This electric pump increases the flow of water coming from the main supply line to a proper level before the water enters your home.

Installing this pump is complicated, and trying to do the job yourself can mess up your house’s piping system. Our licensed plumbers are highly trained in handling pressure booster pumps, so you can trust us to do the installation correctly. When the pump pressurizes the flowing water, it’s easier to run a load of laundry, and multiple family members can use other appliances simultaneously.

3. Clear the Clogs

With time, mineral deposits may accumulate in your pipes and reduce the water pressure in your home. This is due to the reduced diameter of those pipes, which leads to paltry trickles from your faucets and pitiful drips in your shower. Water clogs can occur anywhere along your pipes, so you’ll need to involve a professional plumber to help clear them.

Performing flow tests on components such as your shower head is a great way to determine the areas affected by the low water pressure. Cleaning the shower head might solve the pressure issue. If this doesn’t work, we can replace the shower valve. Rinsing the kitchen sprayer or sink faucet can also increase the water flow. In some extreme cases, we can replace the affected pipe sections.

4. Stop the Leaks

Damaged or cracked pipes lead to water leaks that can significantly reduce water pressure. To determine whether leaks affect your home’s water flow rate, look for the signs below.

  • A sudden rise in water bills
  • A pool of water near pipes
  • Stains or water spots on the floor, ceiling, or walls
  • Corrosion or mineral build-up on pipes

The best way to eliminate leaks is to replace your pipes. Although this may seem like a costly solution, it will minimize the chances of leaks in the long term and the risk of having corrosion contaminate your drinking water. Homes with galvanized steel pipes may be especially vulnerable to corrosion, so opting for copper pipes or superior plastic is a good idea. Make sure you involve our professional plumbers because replacing pipes requires a high level of expertise.

Let the Plumbing Experts Improve Your Home’s Water Pressure

These are some of the most effective ways of increasing the water pressure in your house. With the help of our experienced and highly skilled plumbers, you should see a significant improvement in the water flow rate. Whether it’s replacing your pipes, adjusting the PRV, or installing a pressure booster, our team at Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing can handle the job. Depending on the plumbing issue in your home, our professionals will offer you a tailored solution that guarantees 100% satisfaction. We also provide drain cleaning, water heater replacement, boiler repair, ductwork replacement, sheet metal fabrication, and a complete line of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment installation, maintenance, and repair services. Contact Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing today to schedule an appointment.

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