May 23, 2019

As temperatures rise outside during the hot summer months, your AC unit will take on a bigger workload. You may notice that some rooms tend to stay cool while others are stuffy and hot. This could be the result of something simple, such as clogged HVAC filters or blocked vents and registers. However, it may be caused by ductwork problems that require a trained professional to assess.

Dirty Filters

This is a fairly easy fix. Dirty HVAC filters could cause uneven air flow. If they haven’t been changed in a long time, it may be a good idea to go ahead and replace them before the hottest months of summer arrive. Otherwise, uneven cooling could be a problem.

Blocked Air Vents

Another issue that is simple to identify is a blocked air vent. Obstructions like furniture or other objects placed in front of vents will force more cool air into other rooms instead of evenly distributing it throughout the entire house. Also, vacuuming the registers that are higher up on the wall by the ceiling can help remove the dirt that may be causing blockages.

HVAC Ductwork Issues

More complex problems that may be originating from the ductwork in your home’s AC system will likely require a trained technician. A professional contractor can perform tests and know what to look for. After exploring the easier solutions, this may be the best option to resolve uneven cooling in your home.

In general, a well-maintained HVAC system will provide years of effective cooling in your home. Some problems are easier to identify than others. If you have not had your AC serviced in some time, consider reaching out to a professional. Ultimately, a well-maintained AC can save you money while keeping your home cool and comfortable during the warmest months of the year.

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