October 8, 2016

Would you like to make your home more energy efficient? Replacing your weatherstripping can go a long way to bringing down your heating bill and keeping drafts out of your home. Here’s how you can do it yourself:


You will need adhesive-backed weather stripping for the top, bottom and sides, and V-channel weather stripping for the meeting rails on double-hung windows (that is when there is a sash on top and bottom, and one or both of them move up and down).

Step 1: Wash in the jamb and on the rails where you will apply stripping and let them dry.

Step 2: Cut the weather stripping to length if you are applying to the top, bottom, or where the two sashes meet. If you are adding it to the sides, cut it 1 inch longer.

Step 3: For the top and bottom of the window, peel off the adhesive backing and push it against the top/bottom of the window sash.

Step 4: For the sides peel off the back except for 1 inch on the ends. With the sash up all the way, slide that extra inch between the sash and the jamb and press the rest into the jamb. Now, close the sash. The extra inch will be sticking out so you can now remove the adhesive backing and push it down.

Step 5: For the meeting rails you can apply the V-channel weather stripping either to the back of the bottom sash or to the front of the upper sash. If you choose the upper, the V needs to open facing down. If you choose the upper, the V needs to open facing up. This is so that the stripping compresses when the window closes.

Note: To hold the stripping down more securely, hammer finishing nails on the ends.


You will need both adhesive-backed foam stripping and a door sweep.

Step 1: Wash the inside of the door frame and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Cut the foam stripping to the length of the stop molding on both sides and on top.

Step 3: Peel the back from the foam stripping pieces and apply them to the inside of the door frame.

Step 4: Cut the door sweep to the length of the bottom of the door. This piece is screwed onto the bottom of the door. Make sure it meets the floor before you screw it down.

Now that you have sealed out any cold drafts, sit down with a warm drink and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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