November 17, 2020

The heating system in your home must work at an optimal level for several reasons. These include comfort, family safety, and affordable energy bills in the winter months. A poorly performing heater can become a serious problem for a family that fails to address the issue. Regular maintenance and repairs will keep your unit running properly. However, it’s important to recognize the signs it’s time for a heating system upgrade in your home.

1. Noises and Smells

A heating system that produces clanking sounds, loud booms, or rumbles might need to be replaced. A foul smell coming from the furnace may also point to a needed upgrade.

2. High Energy Bills

A system that’s experiencing a decrease in fuel efficiency will cause a steady climb in your energy bills. You should become especially worried if the increased cost for heating happens at a time when the cold weather isn’t extreme. While it’s common for a unit to have to work harder during more extreme weather conditions, when it’s not that cold, it shouldn’t be working overtime and raising your energy bills.

Newer heaters often possess higher energy ratings than systems produced in past years. This simply means that they’ll function more efficiently than their older counterparts, saving you money on your monthly utility bills. The cost of these units will become offset by the decrease in the energy costs associated with heating your house.

3. Uneven Temperatures Throughout the Home

If you begin to notice that some rooms in your home are warm while others are freezing, you may have a problem on your hands. Properly zoned heating systems distribute heat evenly throughout a residence. When heat distribution is uneven, it could signal a problem with the air ducts or other system components. You might also have a problem if you set your thermostat, but the rooms throughout your home don’t reach the designated temperature.

4. Unexplained Illness

Members of a household who experience unexplained symptoms of nausea, burning eyes, or headaches may have a potentially dangerous situation taking place within their heating system. The contraction and expansion of a heat exchanger can result in cracks that allow carbon monoxide into a house. This problem is most common with older systems but can also happen with newer furnaces that suffer from poor installation. It’s imperative that you get any issues with carbon monoxide addressed immediately.

5. Dry Air in the Home

The presence of dry air or a sudden decrease in humidity inside a property is another sign it’s probably time to shop for a new heating system. The dry air that can result from a malfunctioning heating system in the winter months can become a health issue for family members who suffer from sinus and allergy issues. The quality of the air inside your house may improve with system repairs. However, a system upgrade will better address this problem.

6. Excessive Repair Costs

If you’re debating whether or not your heating system has seen better days, you should take a moment to evaluate the recent service history of your unit. If the cost to repair breakdowns to the heater is becoming a regular expense, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to replace the system. The front-end cost of a new furnace will be well worth it when you no longer need to concern yourself with the cost of repairs multiple times throughout the year.

7. Short Cycling

A heating system that’s short cycling will turn on and off frequently. This action causes the unit to use much more energy to warm a home. Likely reasons for your system to run for short periods before turning off include damaged flame sensors, a bad heat exchanger, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Maintenance may improve this problem for a while, but if you decide to replace a unit that short cycles, you’ll likely experience better results.

First-Class Furnace Installation

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