November 12, 2019

Over the course of a Utah winter, the professionals at Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing see a lot of heating systems. We work hard to keep those systems running, even when the furnace has seen better days. However, there comes a time when every homeowner has to face the fact that it is time for a furnace replacement.

1. Age of the Furnace

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, you can congratulate it on a job well done, but you should also think about replacing it. Older furnaces cost more to maintain and are less energy-efficient than newer models. You will be amazed at how far heating technology has come since the last time you installed a furnace.

2. Frequent Repairs

Our technicians are highly trained and can handle the repairs of any heating system. But, if you are calling several times a season to get your furnace running again, it is time to replace it. Furnace repairs can be expensive, and they can also be inconvenient for the family waiting in a cold home.

3. Higher Fuel Use

Furnaces become less fuel-efficient over several seasons. While regular maintenance can alleviate some of the effects of age, there will still come a time when you realize your furnace is burning more fuel than it used to. A newer furnace will cost less to operate, incorporating better, more efficient technology.

4. Loud Operation

Ideally, your furnace will not be disruptive. It will make some noise as it produces warm air but nothing too obnoxious. If you notice your furnace getting louder, it may just need a tune-up. However, a loud operation can be a sign that the furnace is working too hard to produce warmth. This may mean that it is coming to the end of its useful life.

5. Inconsistent Heating

A common sign that a furnace is struggling to do its job is an inability to provide consistent heat throughout your home. You will find that zones that are furthest from the unit will not be as warm. One of our technicians can tell you if this is a matter of replacing a failing blower or a larger problem in the system itself.

At Gunthers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing in American Fork, we always put our customers first. You can trust us with your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Contact us today to have an expert look at your climate systems.

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