Types of Heating Systems

You want to make sure your home or business is warm and comfortable during the winter. Whether you’re building a new place or rethinking the method that is currently installed, there are several kinds of heating systems to take into consideration. It is important to always take into consideration your specific needs and budget when choosing the right heating system for your property.

Forced Air

The most commonly used heating system is a forced air heating system that uses a furnace to heat the air and then “forces” that air throughout the building using a system of ductwork and vents. This method of heating is often called a central heating system since the heating system is located in a central point of the house. Furnaces can use several different methods of heat, including gas, electricity, oil, or propane. They can also help to filter, humidify, or dehumidify the air. Many homeowners choose a forced air heating system due to the fact that it can serve the dual purpose of heating and cooling.

Steam Radiant Heating

While the forced air heating system is the most common choice, there are several other ways to heat your property. One familiar choice is through a steam radiant heating system. This system uses upright units called radiators to heat an individual room. Water is heated and sent through the pipes of the radiator, which then releases the heat into the room. Though steam radiant heating systems are quick to heat a space and energy efficient, users must be vigilant in keeping furniture and curtains away from the units in order to prevent a fire hazard.

Radiant Heat

Another method to consider is the radiant heat heating system. They system uses hot water tubes that are located underneath the floor to deliver heat throughout the property. The water is heated by a gas, oil, propane, or electric boiler before being distributed to floor pipes. The process is often slower than a forced air heating system as the water, must first be heated and then circulated through the pipes, but many believe that the radiant heating system offers the most natural and comfortable level of heat.

Hydronic Heat

You can also heat your property is through hydronic heat. Hydronic heat is similar to radiant heat due to the fact that it uses a boiler to heat water and then sends it through tubes. However, instead of putting the tubes in the floor, hydronic heat places the tubes in baseboard heating units. For this reason it is often called the hot water baseboard system. With the tubes located in the baseboards, it is possible to control the temperature in individual rooms. In order for the system to work effectively, however, the baseboards cannot be blocked by any furniture or curtains.

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