Professional Help for Asbestos

Asbestos professionals receive special training specific to the safe removal and handling of materials
contaminated with asbestos. Some companies offer testing, assessment of the needs of the situation,
and removal of materials.

If you have concerns about asbestos in your home, you should start by having an asbestos professional
test the material you are worried about. Do not cut a piece off yourself or in any way disturb the
potentially hazardous material as any disruptions can cause the asbestos fibers to become airborne.
The professional will know how to properly sample the material without releasing asbestos fibers
into the air. Make sure that you ask what the procedure is for safety and ensure that the professional
follows it. Asbestos is a deadly material and its fibers are not visible to the naked eye, so you can
breathe them without knowing. Make sure the professional removes the sample safely.

If the testing demonstrates that there is indeed asbestos in the material that has, you will need
to a hire a professional that does asbestos removal. Ask for credentials and training information.
Asbestos is so serious a concern that the federal government offers training to asbestos professionals
nationwide. In addition, many state and even local governments employ their own training and
certification to prevent the fatal consequences that result from improper handling of asbestos.

There is an important caveat in all of this that homeowners must understand. Not all materials that
contain asbestos need to be removed. Some can be left alone if they are not damaged or disturbed.
Unnecessarily removing asbestos materials can be costly and create unnecessary danger and hassle.
Make sure you work with someone you can trust and ask a lot of questions.

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