Identifying Cooling System Problems

There is nothing quite as frustrating than having your cooling system malfunction in the middle of a hot day. For most cooling systems, there are several causes to most of your main problems. Here are a few ways that will help you identity the source of the problem.

The first area to check in the power source. Take a look at your main electrical panel to see if any of the fuses or circuits for your houses power have tripped. Make sure that you are aware of where the main power entrance into the house is as many homes have a separate panel that is specifically for the power. If the major problem is that the circuit is continually tripping or the fuse is blowing on its own accord, then this is a major sign that there is a problem with your electrical system. Unless you are a qualified electrician, this is not a problem that you should handle on your own. If you suspect a problem with the electrical system, always call a qualified repair technician to look at the system.

If all the fuses and circuits seem fine, look to see if your unit has a reset button. This is usually located near the motor housing. Push the reset button and then wait 30 minutes. This waiting time is important because it allows the motor to completely cool. Once the half hour has passed, push the reset button again. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat this step before seeing any results.

If your air conditioning unit is powered by gas, another area that you will want to check is the gas supply. Make sure that the source of gas is turned on. If the gas supply is on, then make sure the pilot light is lit. If the pilot light has gone out, try relighting it and seeing if it will remain lit.

It is important to check for the smell of gas as you check your gas source and pilot light. A gas smell can mean that there is a major problem with your system. If you smell gas, do not attempt to do anything to your gas source (including trying to turn the gas off). Quickly gather your family and exit the house, leaving the door open, and call your gas company. It is important that while you are exiting you do not try to turn any lights on or off as this can cause further problems.

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