Forced Air Heating

Another option when choosing the heating system for your home is a forced air heating system. Forced air heating systems are defined by both the method and the equipment that is used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Forced air heating systems are one of the most popular choices in the United States, due both to their efficiency and speed at heating a home as well as for their general ease of installation.

The term “forced air heating system” describes a heating system that uses air to carry the heat through the building. The air is pushed through a series of ducts that are installed throughout the house and then distributed into different rooms through vents. The temperature of the air is directly tied to a thermostat, which is set to the desired temperature for the house or for a particular room. Once the thermostat registers that the room has reached the appropriate temperature, the air is turned off. It then remains off until the temperature drops below the accepted level, at which point a signal is given that starts the cycle of airflow over again.

Forced air heating systems are prized for their energy efficiency, their reliability, and for their variety of systems. A forced air heating system can run off of several different types of equipment, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, hydronic coils, and heat pumps. Any of this equipment, when paired with a fan, air handler, or blower, can adequately heat the air to the desired temperature. Forced air heating systems are particularly good choices for houses that already have a ductwork system in place. Forced air heating systems are one of the quickest ways to heat up a house. Because they are tied to a thermostat and can therefore turn on and off according to need, they use less energy than other heating systems.

Another advantage to a forced air heating system is that they are typically designed to work in tandem with a central air conditioning system. Together, these two systems give you control over the temperature inside your home all year long.

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