Easy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Homeowners always want to make sure that their home is warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. While there are several upgrades that you can make to your house to improve its overall heating performance, there are also a few quick and easy steps that you can do today to improve the warmth of your home.

Cover Your Floors. If your home is equipped with hardwood floors, one quick and easy way to keep your house (and your feet) warmer is to use area rugs.

Let There Be Light. Take advantage of the sun’s warmth and light by opening the blinds on any south-facing windows during the day. The sunlight will add a natural layer of warmth to your house. Just be sure to close the blinds at night to trap the heat in the house.

Consider A Space Heater. If you have one particular room that is always cold, consider using a space heater. Space heaters are considerably cheaper to use than a furnace and can easily heat a small space.

Close Off Rooms. Shut the door and block the vents to any rooms that you do not use during the winter. The air will be redirected to other rooms, keeping them warmer.

Block Drafts. Many exterior doors have a gap between the end of the door and the floor. If you cannot add weather-stripping or another type of insulation, then consider using a do-it-yourself cover. The simple act of laying a blanket or a draft snake at the foot of your exterior doors can drastically improve the warmth of a room by keeping out outdoor air.

Create A Warm Bed. The use of electric blankets can make a safe, cozy haven in your bedroom. Electric blankets can let you turn the heater down and still stay warm at night Consider using a blanket with dual controls so that both sides of the bed remain comfortable.

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